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Amethyst Class

Mrs Marshall and Mrs Majdak welcome you to Amethyst Class.

Welcome to Amethyst Class! 

This half-term we will be learning  about dinosaurs. We will be learning the names of the dinosaurs, comparing and describing them. We will be sharing information books and stories, using them create our own stories as well as learning lots of new words. 

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Every Thursday morning between 8.45- 9.30 am, we will be hosting 'Stay and Learn' sessions for parents/carers. We would love to see lots of adults come and find out how we teach in Reception and find out how you can support
your child at home.

Amethyst Blog 2018-2019

Dinosaur Assembly

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Amethyst class were fantastic performing their first class assembly this morning. They had lovely big voices so everyone could hear them, and remembered all of their words and actions. We are all very proud of them and they have motivated the whole school with their enthusiasm and confidence.

Well done, you were brilliant!!

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Dinosaurs and birds

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'I like swinging on the bars in Forest School.' Harley

'I was learning about telling the time.' Nathan

'Dinosaurs can swish their tails.' William

'Pterodactyls fly.' Walid

'Some dinosaurs have sharp teeth and claws.' Frank

We looked at a picture of a boy sitting with a dinosaur. We talked about what it would be like to have dinosaurs alive now.

'I think a tyrannosaurus-Rex would smash the whole school.' Anas

'Some dinosaurs will eat us.' Reiko

' The terrible thing might happen, a diplodocus might bang us with its wavy tail and crack our head.' Nathan

'A stegosaurus could smash throught the wall for builders.' (to help them) Frank

'The vegetarian dinosaurs could eat up all the weeds for us.' Jonathan

'A diplodocus could help a fire fighter put out the fire.' Bianca

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Dinosaur Roar!

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We have had a busy few weeks learning about dinosaurs. We have shared stories and enjoyed learning new words, such as herbivore, extinct and palaeontologyst.

Dinosaurs come from eggs. Abia

In dance, we were swooping like a pterodactyl catching a fish. Humairah

A triceratops cracked open an egg. Alizeh

Some dinosaurs eat plants and meat. Anas

They are called omnivores. Frank

They walk with dinosaur feet. Bianca

We drew a story map about Captail Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. Aliyan

I know some names of dinosaurs- pteradactyl, T-rex, triceratops, spinosaurus. Nathan

Dinosaur means terrible lizard.Aliyan 

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Jack and the beanstalk

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This week we have been learning about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We drew a story map and then changed it to make our own story about Goldilock eating a magic pizza.

I was finding a leaf in Forest School, my leaf was curly. Jonathan

I love playing with the cars with my friends. Nathan

I like seeing the squirrel. Levi

I like staying with Mrs Marshall and my mummy. Bilal

I like doing the splatter thing, when we splat the letters. Abia

I like everything. Harley

Next week we are going to be learning about the story Cinderella.

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Hansel and Gretel

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This week we have been learning about the story of Hansel and Gretel. We acted the story on our Story Stage. The children were great at pretending to be the characters. 

We had great fun in Forest School this week, even though it was raining. We rubbed our hands in the mud and even put it on our faces to be monsters!

In Forest School I said the leaves can be the stones. Humairah

I like to come to Forest School. david

I like playing with all the dinosaurs and things.Anastasia

Trains. April

I like doing my muddy hands so i can be a scary muddy monster. Jesse

I love playing witht the cars because they are fast. Nathan.

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Events and dates for your diary

 7th Jan - Teacher edusation day

8th Jan- New term starts

6th Feb 9am - Amethyst Class Assembly- families welcome to attend

15th Feb am- Whole school 'Dance share'- Amethyst class will be performing, families welcome to attend.

16th-23rd Feb - Half term holidays

24th Feb - Back to school

8th Mar - Reports to parents

 12th & 13th Mar - Parents evening

13th Mar - Rags2Riches clothes collection

7th April - Amethyst class visit to Pizza Express

10th April pm - 'Dance share', 

12th April - Break up for Easter Holidays

28th April - Back to school


 Weekly timetable

Tuesday- PE 

Reading challenges checked

Thursday- Stay & Learn 8.45-9.30 

 Forest School 

Reading books changed

Friday- Achievement assembly




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