learning village

Learning Village is a great website we use for learning English and developing vocabulary. To log in from home follow these simple steps:

1 Type https://www.learningvillage.net into your browser.

You will see the homepage (below)

2 Click the red LOGIN button. A new window will open. Type your child’s user name and password.  

If your child cannot remember their password email Mrs Jones at sr.y1homelearning@perryhallmat.co.uk for support.

One change for Home-learning 

We have opened up all curriculum area units for all children. To choose a curriculum topic, click on the treehouse. Click on the blue book icon (bottom left) 

3 You will see the Learning Village map. The treehouse is in the middle and the learning pathways are marked.  

Children can access this learning independently.  

Enjoy your Learning, and if you have any problems, email sr.y1homelearning@perryhallmat.co.uk so that Mrs Jones can help you.