Meet The Teacher

Say “hello” to your teacher for next year!

We missed meeting you in person this year!

Usually children have a chance to play and learn with their new teachers before the start of the year so here is a welcome from all the teachers at Stanley Road. We will be setting fun transition tasks in the last week of term top help you think about next year’s learning. It’s going to be so much fun!

Don’t forget to email your new teacher and say hi!

Mrs Marshall, Nursery

Mrs Jones, Nursery TA

Mrs De Graca, Nursery TA

Mrs Heather, Reception (Violet Class)

Miss Adams, Reception, Amethyst Class

Mrs Ajaib, Year 1 Sapphire Class

Mrs Lambert,  Year 1&2, Turquoise Class

Miss Taylor, Year 2 , Blue Class

Mrs Brotherton, Year3, Jade Class

Mr Wilson, Year 3&4, Green Class

Mr Morgan, Year 4 Yellow Class

Miss Miller, Year 5 Orange Class

Miss Hartley, Year 5, Amber Class

Mrs French, Year 6, Ruby Class

Mrs Alviti, Year 6, Red Class