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The School Day

A typical day at school includes 1 hour of maths, 1 hour of English, half an hour of guided reading (including answering questions about a text) and spelling / phonics. The afternoons are usually when all the other subjects are taught with most lessons lasting a hour and the day is often finished with a class story.

We are not suggesting this as a timetable, but just to guide you if you are unsure. You know your children the best and some days baking, being in the garden, telling stories or playing games are exactly what they need!

Learning can happen anywhere and everywhere. 

To support you and your child each week your child’s teacher will be setting activities to support their home learning which will include:

– Weekly english and maths activities updated on this website.

– Setting activities through the ‘Purple Mash’ website.

– Sharing the Summer term overview with you – suggesting ways to explore a range of topics.


We have also provided links to the BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy websites and an overview of the lessons avaliable (see below). Both of these websites have daily lessons in a range of subjects including maths and English.


If you are not sure what topics your child should be learning about please look at our REAL curriculum page and the Summer overview on the home learning page.


It is up to you how you choose to use all of these resources, please don’t feel under any pressure to complete everything – we just don’t want you to run out of things to do.

If you need any further help please do email your child’s class teacher through the year group email addresses – we really do enjoy hearing from everyone!


Weekly Resources and Activities

Each week new activities will be added to the website during the school closure.

These activites can be found on the webpage under ‘Year Group Resources’

Each year group has:

–  Weekly English based activities including a range of grammar, reading, writing and spelling.

– Weekly Maths activities including fluency calculations and problems.

– A Summer Term overview – this includes information about the topics your child would have been learning about this term and activities they could complete at home.

Early Years will be communicating with parents and setting new activities using Tapestry. Please email the school office if you have not yet activated your account.

Purple Mash

Every child has a Purple Mash learning site user name and password.

Please contact your class teacher on the year group email (or through Tapestry for Early Years) for your user name and password and away we go!   vezi asta în română اردو میں دیکھیں এটি বাংলায় দেখুন zobacz to po polsku zobacz to po portugalsku

Use the emails below to contact us if you do not have these. For more information please visit our Purple Mash learning page.


Please do use these email addresses to keep us updated with everything your child has been doing – we love to hear from everyone!

Government Resources

BBC Bitesize

Daily lessons for each year group. (These resources can also be accessed through the BBC red button on your television).

An overview of the lessons and topics covered for each year group can be found below

BBC Bitesize Week 1

BBC Bitesize Week 2

BBC Bitesize Week 3

BBC Bitesize Week 4

BBC Bitesize Week 5

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 1

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 2

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 3

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 4

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 5

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 6

BBC Bitesize Summer 2 Week 7

Oak National Academy

Daily lessons for each year group.

An overview of the lessons and topics covered for each year group for this half term can be found by clcking below:

Oak National Academy Overview of topics and lessons

Oak National Academy Landing Page Link to Year Groups and Lessons

oak-curriculum-week-1 (older resource)


The government have published guidance for parents wanting to explore home learning. In this link you will find help with English, Maths, Science, PE, Special Educational Needs and Wellbeing. List of online resources (Updated 13/5/20)

There is also a copyright disclaimer here (Updated 13/5/20)

Find more details of how you can support children with Autistic Spectrum Condition and Special Educational Needs on our SEND webpage.


Whole School Resources

Important Links

Click on the image ‘Think U Know’ to access some useful online safety resources for both you and your child.