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For more information about Stanley Road home learning CLICK HERE

Did you know…iPhones can scan documents. Open ‘notes’, click the camera, choose scan.

You can then email your child’s home work into their teacher.

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Stanley Road Book Week!

TEAMs live stories and Masked Reader – click here

QUIZ: Photos and Books – click here

CLUES for photos – click here


Click on the title above to open the quiz sheet.


Can you name the staff and find their favourite book?

It’s tricky!


Year group email addresses

YEAR 1 [email protected]

YEAR 2  [email protected] 

YEAR 3 [email protected] 

YEAR 4  [email protected] 

YEAR 5 [email protected]

YEAR 6  [email protected]

Times Table Rockstars

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Click on the image ‘Think U Know’ to access some useful online safety resources for both you and your child.