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Amethyst Class

Mrs Marshall and Mrs Majdak welcome you to Amethyst Class.

Welcome to Amethyst Class! 

This half-term we will be learning  about Animals. We will be learning about different types of animals, including different habitats; such as farm, jungle, oceans and polar regions.

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  This term, we will also be preparing the children for their transition into Year One. The children have begun to have a morning playtime with the rest of school and they now join the school on the big playground for their lunchtime play too. The children are really enjoying the chance to mix with the older children and see older siblings.

If you have any questions about the transition process, please ask one of the Reception team.

Amethyst Blog 2018-2019

What a busy week!

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On Monday we were very lucky to have a fire engine come to visit.

We saw a fire engine. Some people sprayed the hose. Some people had the helmet on to see how hot it is. Humairah

They had an emergency and had to go. Suleiman

On Tuesday, we walked all the way into town in the rain! We went into Pizza Express.

We went to Pizza Express. We made pizzas. Abia

On Thursday we went to Forest School.

We found bugs in Forest School. We found wiggly worms, snails and ants. Nathan

When we went to Forest School, we did a hole, me and Summer found a worm. Annie

We found a spider. Jazaa

In the afternoon, Jonathan's dad ame and played his guitar.

We saw Jonathan's dad. He had a guitar. Harley

We listened to one of Jonathan's dad's songs. It was quiet and loud. Aliyan

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A week of sporting fun!

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This week we ventured onto the field for our first outdoor PE lesson. We had great fun running around the field and developing our ball skills. We can now throw and catch a ball, and are budding footballers too!

On Thursday some children went on a coach to Whittington Primary School, to join in with a mulltiskills afternoon. The other children stayed at school but had lots of fun on the field again.

I loved the way the boys and girls told us what to do. Bilal

My best bit bit was when we had a break. We drank water. Nathan

My favourite bit was when we were kicking the balls. Jesse

The best thing that I liked was we had bean bags and threw them in the hoops. Humairah

When we were kicking the balls and then we were practising how to throw balls. David

Best part on the field was bouncing the ball up and down. Annie

I liked kicking the balls. Harley

I liked when the boy said 'blueberry and lemon change places'. Abia

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Emerging moths

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This term we have been learning about Heroes. We have been talking about what a hero is and the types of things that they do. We know lots of superheroes and real heroes too. 

We have been learning to be shareful and be kind. Annie

We have been learning about Superheroes. Grace.

We are going to make a superhero smoothie, so we get more power. Bilal

We've let out two moths in Forest School.  Frank

The moths were from a cocoon. Abia

The caterpillars went in the cocoon and they made a moth. Nathan

They were Tiger Scarlet Moths. Aliyan 'We checked on the computer.'

Image result for scarlet tiger moth

We got to see Harley the dog. We read a book to him. Suleiman

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Dinosaur Assembly

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Amethyst class were fantastic performing their first class assembly this morning. They had lovely big voices so everyone could hear them, and remembered all of their words and actions. We are all very proud of them and they have motivated the whole school with their enthusiasm and confidence.

Well done, you were brilliant!!

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Dinosaurs and birds

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'I like swinging on the bars in Forest School.' Harley

'I was learning about telling the time.' Nathan

'Dinosaurs can swish their tails.' William

'Pterodactyls fly.' Walid

'Some dinosaurs have sharp teeth and claws.' Frank

We looked at a picture of a boy sitting with a dinosaur. We talked about what it would be like to have dinosaurs alive now.

'I think a tyrannosaurus-Rex would smash the whole school.' Anas

'Some dinosaurs will eat us.' Reiko

' The terrible thing might happen, a diplodocus might bang us with its wavy tail and crack our head.' Nathan

'A stegosaurus could smash throught the wall for builders.' (to help them) Frank

'The vegetarian dinosaurs could eat up all the weeds for us.' Jonathan

'A diplodocus could help a fire fighter put out the fire.' Bianca

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Events and dates for your diary

16th May- Multisports event at Whittington
24th May- Break up for half term

TBC- Reception trip to The Hive
11th June- Amethyst class trip to pizza express
Wednesday 13th June- Whole school sports day
Friday 28th June- Starfest 
TBC- Reception class trip to All Things Wild
Wednesday 10th July- Parents evening
Friday 12th July- Summer fair
5th, 8th & 9th July- Transition days


 Weekly timetable

Tuesday- PE 

               Reading challenges checked

Thursday-Forest School 

                Reading books changed

Friday- Achievement assembly




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