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Welcome to Violet Class! 

This half-term we will be learning  about dinosaurs. We will be learning the names of the dinosaurs, comparing and describing them. We will be sharing information books and stories, using them create our own stories as well as learning lots of new words.    Image result for how to grow a dinosaur

Every Thursday morning between 8.45- 9.30 am, we will be hosting 'Stay and Learn' sessions for parents/carers. We would love to see lots of adults come and find out how we teach in Reception and find out how you can support your child at home.

Violet Blog 2018-2019

A creative dinosaur week

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We have had a busy and creative week this week. Here are our favourite things from this week:

Ester- learning magnets.

Maja- painting dinosaur.

Gabriel-dinosaur dancing.

Hanzala- building a tower.

Betsy- making 10.

Laila- I learnt new phonemes.

Bill-I learnt how to write a sentence.

Kacper- dinosaur writing.

Jude- counting to 10 and up to 50.

Johan- i made 10 in different ways and counted in 10's.

Ameera- I painted dinosaurs.

Lilly- I made playdough dinosaurs.

Akeel - I pretended to be police.

Nicolas- taking the register.

Sulaiman- writing a dinosaur sentence.

Sana- I painted a dinosaur.

Aisha- practicing sounds.

Dilan- kicking balls outside.

Faris-making a phone out of lego.

Tayte-reading in book corner, I like books.

Nimrah- playing with ice outside.

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What a busy few weeks!!

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Since coming back from Christmas holidays we have been super busy! We have made up our own dinosaurs, we have been learning to tell the time and making watches and clocks, we have learnt about palaeontologists, we have painted dinosaurs, we made dinosaur skeletons and it's only week three.

Here are some of the things we have learnt so far:

Sulaiman: Dinosaurs are extinct.

Bill: Palaeontologists are people who find bones of dinosaurs in our day.

Hanzala: I learnt about a Triceratops. it has three horns.

Maja: T-rex eats dipladocus.

Laila: I learnt the names of dinosaurs.

Johan: Argentinasaurus has a long neck.

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What a busy week 2!

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This week we learnt the story of Hansel and Gretal. The story had a very bad witch in it and we wrote wanted posters to try and find her but we haven't found her yet.

We have been learning our shapes this week. You can ask us about triangles, squares, circles or rectangles.

This week at forest school it was very wet and muddy but we still had lots of fun. We climbed some trees, we got muddy hands and did muddy high fives and some of us painted our faces with mud!!

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Our first week!!

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Wow what a busy week we have had! The children are all settling well into the routines and learning where things are and making new friends. We have been sharing the story of The Jolly Postman and started with the first traditional tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been to Forest School and also went into our first whole school assembly.

We are very proud of how well the children have settled, and look forward to learning together over the next year.

Here are some of the things the children have enjoyed:

I liked doing some cutting. Betsy

I liked making new friends. Tayte

I liked painting. Zack

I liked playing with Johan. Jude

I like the trains. Gabriel

I liked forest school. Dilan

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