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Lesson Study

The quality of our learning and teaching is enhanced by our commitment to Lesson Study. Lesson Study involves teachers collaborating on experimental learning experiences, to see if they can raise engagement in the classroom with an impact on achievement. This website gives some useful background:


Lesson Study 2014-15

Embedding the New Curriculum in Cross Curricular Teaching



Lesson Study 2013-14

Evaluation throughout the Learning Experience

IMPACT: Development of a "menu" for plenary questioning and the embedding of Bloom's Taxonomy into the core curriculum.


Lesson Study 2012-13

Round 1: How Do We Best Raise Standards Through Feedback?

IMPACT: The development of BRAG cards in class for children's feedback to teachers. 

Round 2: Collaborating on Best Practice Music Teaching.

IMPACT: Rise in the skil-lset of staff and the quality of provision of music.


Lesson Study 2011-12

Round 1: Developing the Pace of Lessons

IMPACT: A greater commitment to timed tasks and healthy competition in classrooms.