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Stanley Road Primary School

Nurture, Inspire, Achieve

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Education

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


SMSC is tremendously important to us here at Stanley Road and it underpins our warm and inclusive Ethos. In a school of such religious and social diversity we have an enormous opportunity to celebrate each other's world view, look through each others eyes and learn. We do this through an annual programme of deep and rich pastoral assemblies linked to our four pillars school rules and British Values.


SMSC isn't just about celebrating lives - it's also at the centre of learning. We have described SMSC as "learning with the heart" and insist that it is the engine which drives learning in the classroom.If you look at our curriculum priorities, SMSC has an equal share.

Our SMSC focus for the year is Rights & Responsibilities, developing knowledge and understanding of our own personal rights and respect for the rights of others in society, understood as our responsibilities. This is being explored through our Four Pillars of Citizenship (our school-council-written behaviour guidelines) and the British Values of Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and the Tolerance of the Beliefs of Others.

We have developed a holistic Personal & Social Curriculum to underpin all learning in the school which combines key aspects of PSHCE, SMSC and the promotion of British Values.

Our Shared Understanding of SMSC:

 Social learning is building, developing

and valuing relationships and communities.


Moral learning is constantly reflecting on our actions

and their consequences for ourselves and others.


Spiritual learning is asking profound questions

and experiencing moments of awe and wonder.


Cultural learning is an appreciation and awareness of

similarities and differences in beliefs, values and traditions.