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Getting Along Together

We are learning to make and keep friends and to ensure that our relationships, now and in the future are good, safe and do no harm, learning from, including and accepting differences in gender, race, religion, ability and appearance.

1 Make Friends - Break Friends   2 Who's The Boss?  3 Different To Me...

4 Falling Out!  5 Count Me In!  6 Fixing The World

SMSC and assembly guidance for 2019-20

2018-19 "Everyday Heroes" (Manners &  Politeness)

Our 2018-19 theme says that we too can change the world with our manners and good character

Each half term has a broad theme:

1 Please & Thank You   2 Who am I and What Am I Like?  3 Personal Power

4 The Power of Truth  5 Generosity! The New Superpower  6 Role Models


2017-18 "Believe It Or Not"

Our theme for 2017-2018 addresses the range of human beliefs and is entitled be these political, religious, cultural or personal, helping us to consider the British Value of Mutual Respect for the Beliefs of Others

We will look at what other people believe, examine what we ourselves believe, consider if beliefs can change and learn how to live peacefully alongside other people with whom we disagree.

We hope we will learn from the variety of beliefs, convictions and opinions around us and be all the wiser for it.

Each half term has a broad theme:

1 What do people believe? 2 Facts & opinions? 3 Do people Need To Believe The Same Thing?

4 How Do Beliefs Influence Actions? 5 What Should I Believe? 6 Why Do people Need To Believe?

Below are sample presentations from assembly in 2017-18:

 Believe it (barney harwood).pptxDownload
 believe it or not - hope rainbows sept 19.pptxDownload
 believe it or not - hope rainbows september 19.pptxDownload
 creation stories (humility).pptxDownload
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2016-17 Being Free & Staying Free

Our theme for 2016-17 adressed Individual Liberty, and was entitled: "Being Free & Staying Free", centering around ways in which children can keep themselves safe, identify and prevent bullying, plan free and aspirational futures, appreciate and make use of their freedoms and contribute to the freedoms of society. Each half term has a broad theme:

1 What is Freedom? 2 What is Bullying? 3 Personal Power

4 Education Makes us Free 5 How Free is Free? 6 Books Will Set You Free!

Below are sample presentations from assembly in 2016-17.

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 Armistice Day 2016.pptxDownload
 Black History Month.pptxDownload
 Dreams of Freedom 28.9.16.pptxDownload
 What is freedom 17.10.16.pptDownload
 what is freedom Sept 2016.pptxDownload
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