The REAL Curriculum

R-E-A-L Opportunities

Relevant – Engaging – Aspirational – Lifelong. At Stanley Road our curriculum is all these things, aiming for the highest academic standards through the widest opportunities and the most stimulating challenge. Below is a clock-face of 12 opportunities to learn deeply and learn well.

Learning experiences at Stanley Road are experienced through these 12 aspects over the course of a term. The aspect were developed over months of research, consultation and staff training and are tailored to the strengths and the needs of our unique Stanley Road learners.

REAL Rewards


At Stanley Road children get praised when they’re successful in their learning. Often this means when children have written a lot, perhaps got everything right or presented work neatly. However, schools don’t often praise thinking.

Thinking well means learning well. Our curriculum is based on thinking skills so we should recognise when children develop them. Each time your child shows us a useful kind of thinking, we’ll praise them and tell them why. E.g. if they saw a pattern in spelling which helped them make sense of a new word, we’d praise them for analysing.

If they invented a new calculation method in maths, we’d praise them for creating.

We’ll celebrate good thinking by giving stickers which children can save on a chart.

As the charts build up, they’ll make a graph of successful learning, helping them know what kind of thinking they are strong at and what they need to practice and improve. As the graphs fill, children will receive special enamel badges, to encourage them. Ask your children what kind of thinking they did today, and if they’ve had a REAL reward recently.

Above you can see an example poster which shows the children the kind of thinking which is successful, and one of the sticker charts. If you have any questions, ask your children’s class teacher or a senior leader. We’ll be glad to help.