Celebrating Home Learning



All of the staff have been amazed by the creative and inspiring learning which everyone has been sending us through the year group emails and Purple Mash at this time. We want to make sure that our school community online also gets to enjoy the wonderful things that our children have been doing.

Please keep sending us information and photos about your child’s work to their year group email address.

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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We will try to add as many as we can to our very own Stanley Road gallery! Please remember to include in your email your permission to post any photos or work on the website.

Fantastic 3-D work here!

Daily reading is so important! Well done!

Start the day with a good book. What better way?

VE Day preparations in the sun.

Artwork completed by Nursery to Year 2 children inspired by The Rainbow Fish.

The fantastic Stone Age House was made by Alex Jmor! 

Bill has been busy writing a wonderful story. We were particularly impressed with his simile and his use of speech marks!

On one of his walks, Bill looked at the patterns of numbers and made this wonderful junk-model street. All of the houses have odd numbers! 

A busy and dedicated learner explains his work.