Early Years Aims

Our aim is to have happy, engaged, independent and active learners, who feel supported and confident to follow their own interests. The adults encourage and nurture the children’s inate curiosity, playing alongside them and challenging them to explore and discover things for themselves.

At Stanley Road we have a Nursery for children age 3-4 years old and two Reception classes. We have engaging, interesting classrooms, outdoor learning areas for both Nursery and Reception and a wonderful Forest School area, which all Early Years classes visit every week.

Nursery sessions run 8.45 am – 11.45 am, 12.15pm-3.15pm or children can attend all day.

Children arrive with their adults and self-register, parents support changing their child’s story book then we gather on the carpet for yoga/ active time.

Carpet time- whole group activity such as sharing a story.

Family Groups- adult directed activities including cooking, craft, discussions etc.

Free Learning- children access the learning environment both indoors and outside.

Tidy up & Whole group activity

Home time


Reception children attend from 8.45 am – 3.10 pm.

Children arrive with their adults and complete morning activities, such as name writing.

Whole class carpet time- phonics

Free learning- children access the learning environment both indoors and outside.

Snack is available for the whole day- a choice of milk, water and fruit.

Whole class carpet time- maths

Lunch time- children eat their lunch in the hall, then play outside.

Family groups- adult directed topic based activities.

Free learning

Whole class carpet time- STory and songs.

Home time

Our Early Years curriculum is focused on children leading their own thoughts and ideas in an exploratory and investigative manner. Planning and activities are pupil led and learning and progress is assessed using the Development Matters criteria.

Click on each area of the EYFS curriculum to find out more about the expectations of the Development Matters document. Click on the Development Matters link below to view the full document.


Within Early Years we use an online learning journey called Tapestry. You will be registered with a secure account where you can access photos and videos of your child’s learning, combined with any news and updates.

We are very keen for parents and carers to share the valuable learing and activities that you do at home with us using this website too. The children enjoy sharing special events with the class.

Tapestry uses a website and there is also an app available.