We are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum

What is SEND?

We believe that meeting every pupil’s needs is a shared responsibility, therefore are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all of our pupils whatever their needs or abilities. Not all pupils with disabilities have special educational needs and not all pupils with SEN meet the definition of disability, but our SEN Policy covers the needs all of these pupils.

SEND Local Offer (click to explore Worcestershire’s provision for children with Special Educational Needs)

Helping Children with Autism Podcast
The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health have produced a special edition of their podcast about helping children with autism during the coronavirus pandemic. In this podcast, they discuss issues that may arise for autistic children including the disruption of closing schools, anxiety and obsessive behaviours. They focus on practical tips like how to help manage anxiety, maintain structure and support and explain the situation to young people. Additionally, tips on how to keep well as a parent and reliable sources for coronavirus updates. To listen to the podcast visit:
Babcock Prime SEND home learning resources 
Prime colleagues have developed a coronavirus support web page to help support schools, educational settings, parents/carers and pupils during the coming weeks. Our Specialist Teaching teams continue to contribute information, guidance, useful links and teaching resources to use with children and young people with specific needs and difficulties:


We work closely with representatives of a number of agancies:

Local high schools and primary schools; mainstream, special ed and alternative provision.

Behaviour support Team

Mental Healh Provison

NHS, Paediatircs and School Nurse team

The Education Welfare Service

Worcester Children First (Education and Safeguarding)

Specialist Advisory Teaching Services

Education Psychology

Speech and Language Therapy

Autism Team

Code of Practice

At Stanley Road Primary School, we accept the definitions of Special Educational Needs as well as the principles from the SEN Code of Practice.

Our experienced and knowledgeable SENCo is Mrs Tracey Murphy, a dedicated and caring professional who is responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating the provision and support for children with SEND.
  • Day to day operation of the schools’ SEN policy.
  • Liaising with and advising fellow teachers/teaching assistants.
  • Monitoring and supporting the writing and reviewing of IEP’s.
  • Liaising with parents and external agencies.
  • Contributing and arranging training for staff.
  • Managing the EHCP procedure and provision for children with an EHCP.
  • Co-ordinating the support for children with SEND