Mental Health

We all get stressed and worried sometimes. Children too.

If you or your child are struggling with your emotions or mental health there are thinks you can do:

1 Talk to us about your child. We may be able to reassure to make some simple changes to help with worries and anxiety. Don’t forget you can email or call school asking for help and guidance, even during this period.

2 Talk to your GP who can give advice and refer to other services. This is difficult at the moment but phone, skype and email services should be made available.

3 Access some of the services or apps below, for advice and support:


Reach4wellbeing aims to promote positive wellbeing, for children and young people in their communities and reduce the stigma of mental health. 

kooth is a website and app providing free, safe and anonymous online support for young people.

CAMHS offers a range of advice and services for young people with mental health problems.

SAMARITANS are there to listen to you, without judgement, any time of the day or night – call 116 123


Use this wellbeing resource to support you and your child 

Five Ways to Wellbeing Activity Book

(Created by Headstart and Wolverhampton Council)

BESTIE – Local Mental Health Services App

BESTIE is an interactive app developed by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust and designed by local young people, CAMHS clinicians and IT experts – has recently been launched by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust CAMHS.

BESTIE is freely available and can be found by searching for ‘Worcestershire BESTIE’ on Apple and Android phones or tablets. A web-based version is available at

On joining BESTIE, young people, parents and professionals are able to easily access information about local mental health services (including virtual reality tours of Worcestershire CAMHS bases), signposting to local and national services and charities, as well as useful self-help information.

This information is age-rated (so that young people only see information which is appropriate for their age) and favourite self-help information can be saved in a ‘personal space’ on the app, so that it is immediately to hand.

For young people who are seen in CAMHS, additional features will soon be unlocked, including the ability to track their goals, mood and emotion. BESTIE was awarded ‘MidTech Best NHS developed innovation’ at the Meridian Celebration of Innovation Awards.

For more information about BESTIE, please see

Here is a friendly and helpful guide to managing feelings and emotions during the current virus outbreak, It is aimed at all readers, parents, children and those with learning difficulties. If you want to share it with your child, read it first yourself and support their understanding. It’s very useful.

Looking After Your Feelings and your Body


As well as the child-friendl;y easy-read, you may find the full govenmnet guidance on mental health and wellbeing useful.