Eco Council

The Eco Committee have been working hard this year towards achieving our third
Eco School’s Green Flag Award.

Our Eco committee is elected at the start of each academic year. Every class from Y1 to Y6 campaign to be the Eco Rep for their class, and children then vote for their chosen child. Democracy in action. 

At the start of the year we completed an ‘Environmental Review.’  We felt that we needed all children in the school to be involved, discussing and identifying things that we were good at and things that we needed to focus on. The committee then fed back their own classes’ findings and we discussed the topics they thought we should focus on. This produced our action plan.

Waste Week Success

The introduction of taking any packed lunch waste home has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of waste we are producing at lunchtime. Families are now able to recycle as much as possible the containers used and also talk about healthy oprions for lunchbox contents.

Aspens (our hot meals providers) recently met with the Eco committee to dicsuss how they can work with us to reduce the amount of single use plastics used at lunchtime. The committee decided to welcome the introducion of Meat Free Mondays and also shared a number of their ideas with them. We wait to with excitement to see them come into action!

Waste Week lunchtime rubbish
Eco Newsletter Aut

Recycling News

 We are now collecting printer cartridges and toners to recycle and raise funds for school using ‘Empties Please.’ Return cartridges to school in a bag and we will recycle them for you. Any parents/carers/members of the community- You can also arrange to have a collection point at your place of work, and funds can go towards school too!

 We have also signed up to take part in the Big Battery Hunt. Each family will have a collection box for you to put your used batteries in. Return it to school to be emptied and we arrange for them to be recycled. You can keep returning your box as often as you need to. 

 We also continue to collect clothes for recycling each term using the company Rags2Riches4Schools. 

Thanks to everyone who returned their bags to school for fundraising, we collected 184.2kgs! This means that we raised £92.10 for the school!