Visions and Values

Nuture, Inspire, Achieve


We consider Stanley Road to be a mature community and all that we do to promote learning and ensure good progress centres on children collaborating, supporting each other and getting along as friends and associates. Our main focus for SMSC this year is “RESPECT” with all assemblies promoting that attitude and classroom SMSC reflecting this idea. In the past we have looked at “COLLABORATION” (2012-2013) to help children to develop collaborative skills in class and “RESILIENCE” (2013-14) to use learning to build character and persistence. Our links with the wider community are strong including our drop-in maths sessions for parents, the popular Family Learning programme, Triple P Parenting classesESOL (English Language classes), our collaboration with the National Trust at Croome Court and our Leading Parent Partnership Award. 

We finish each year with the community arts festival STARFest, curated and organised by Stanley Road.

Pillars of Citizenship

Debated by, written by and promoted by School Council our Pillars of Citizenship are at the heart of good behaviour at Stanley Road. If you follow these principles you will have a successful and safe education and will turn out to be a successful and productive citizen.

Children who follow the pillars receive acknowledgement by being moved into the silver or gold zones on the classroom zone board. They may also receive house points from adults around the school exemplary conduct. For excellent lunchtime behaviour, following the pillars can result in a coveted “green card”, which may be exchanged for a house point. 

The wrong choices are met by consistent warning and then sanction with the use of orange on the zone board and possibly red if the warning is ignored. Red carries with it a consequence. Poor lunchtime behaviour can result in an orange warning or a red card which means communication with parents. Our handling of behaviour is to consistently ask for the behaviour we want to see, modelling it ourselves and praising those pupils who model the behaviour themselves. For more details see our behaviour policy.


We believe every learner should be challenged to realise their full potential. Expert teaching, nurturing and skilled intervention and high expectations combine to see children make good progress and achieve well at Stanley Road. Our REAL curriculum is inclusive and broad and when underpinned by high expectations, it ensures expertise, modelling and aptitude are celebrated, held up as examples and used to ensure all achieve their potential.